Carolyn Gray ~ Vice President Public Relations
Carolyn Gray
In 1978, Carolyn was the founding president
 of the Hillsboro Aglow Chapter. She also served on the Heart
of Texas Area Board.  She currently serves as VP of Public Relations on the Hillsboro/Whitney
Aglow Lighthouse board.  She has been a member of the First United
Methodist Church in Hillsboro for the past 46 years where
she has taught all ages and currently helps teach the youth.
She is a firm believer that we all are called to be a bearer of the image of God in our world,
and as we enter into a personal relationship with the Father
through faith in the blood of the Lamb, we carry the very
Presence of God wherever we go.  The desire of Carolyn's heart
is for others to know God the Father and experience His river of life
that flows from the throne of God into our hearts and
then flows out of our innermost being to others.
As a survivor of deep pits of depression and anxiety, Carolyn knows the healing and
delivering power of God to walk with us through the darkest times
and His faithfulness to bring us out of the pit and set our feet on
 solid rock and put a new song in our hearts.
Carolyn's message and her belief is that we are to exhort, edify and comfort others on
their journey in life---being a "life boat" to those who are drowning
in life's storms and problems---to always choose "life" in ministering to others
whether that is with our words or our actions.  She knows in looking back at all she
has survived, that God's grace has been sufficient every step of her life's journey and
we can be confident that His Grace will see us through the rest of our journey.