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Dr. Thomas Schlueter has been Pastor of Prince of Peace House of Prayer, a strategic house of prayer in Arlington Texas, for 29 years. Pastor Schlueter obtained a Bachelor’s degree at Texas A&M University before receiving his Master of Divinity at Wartburg Theological Seminary. He received his Doctor of Ministry in July 2006 from Christian Leadership University in New York.

Pastor Schlueter's ministry extends beyond Prince of Peace House of Prayer and the Dallas-Fort Worth region. He is the Founder of Arlington Prayer Net, a network of prayer leaders from churches and ministries in Arlington and surrounding communities. The purpose of the network is to come alongside the pastoral staffs of local churches to start, strengthen and expand prayer ministries in the church.

He is the Apostolic Coordinator of the Texas Apostolic Prayer Network (TXAPN), which desires to see the redemptive anointing of the State to flow freely. They desire the people, the history, the culture, and the destiny of Texas to be transformed as the Lord is enthroned in our midst.

He is aligned with Apostle Dutch Sheets and his National Ekklesia International. He serves as the Texas and South-Central United States Regional Leader of the Reformation Prayer Network directed by Apostles Cindy and Mike Jacobs of Generals International. Dr. Schlueter is in covenant relationship with Dr. Chuck Pierce of Global Spheres International.

Dr. Pierce set Dr. Schlueter in as coordinator of TXAPN in June of 2007. Pastor Schlueter teaches prayer and Bible seminars locally and internationally.

Pastor Schlueter is actively involved with praying strategically for city government and workplace ministry. He has a passion to see the whole city of Arlington, Texas, the State of Texas and the United States come into their full redemptive purpose.

He also has a zeal for developing a strong covenant relationship with the First Nations people. He desires to witness the releasing of the full destiny of God into their lives as the first peoples of our nation.

He is the author of Return of the Priests, a book declaring that God is restoring a kingdom of priests in our generation-not a priesthood defined by clerical collars and religious rituals. Rather it is a priesthood of everyday people walking intimately with God, who act and speak with life-changing authority in their homes, neighborhoods, and workplaces.

He is also the author of Keeper of the Keys, a book that shares how God is opening doors so that His kingdom can come forth into this earth. But He needs gatekeepers –those who will open the doors of His power, presence and transforming life to come into family, workplace, city, state and nation. You will discover in these pages that you are a Keeper of the Keys. He has empowered you to be a gatekeeper. Like Nehemiah and Peter, you have been given keys that will unlock the glory of the Lord in your region. It is also available on Amazon.

His newest book is Wielding the Axe. The portals are open. The axe is sharpened.  The oil is ready.  The eagles have been released.  The trumpet has sounded. Texas is going to war. Reveille has sounded. It’s time to move.  Set your face toward God and get ready to move into the new. “In uncertain times, certainty! Expected the Unexpected! I’ve created a movement – you have been launched. You are no longer a network.  You are a movement! Join the movement! We are wielding the axe and Texas is going to war! (Tom Schlueter)

He is married to Kay Sanders Schlueter, and they have three grown children: Josh, Katie and her husband Tim, and Amy and her husband Allan. The couple has five grandchildren.
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